"Noho" is in the heart of New England's scenic Pioneer Valley. With a population of 30,000, Northampton combines small-town charm with metropolitan cultural opportunities. There are plays, music and dance; shops both trendy and traditional; a smorgasbord of ethnic eateries; and movie theaters showing first-run, art and foreign films. You can relax at a sidewalk cafe or take in a concert at the Iron Horse Cafe or at the Calvin Theater.

Noho offers heaven on a plate -- from gourmet dining to foods from around the globe. Get in your licks in at Herrell's for the best homemade ice cream title. Indulge in homemade candy creations. Treat yourself to a variety of ethnic dinners including Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian or Mexican style. Eat informally by ordering a famous pizza from Joe's, dance the night away or go to a foreign or art film. Northampton doesn't roll up the sidewalks at night, so there's always something going on

On a tour of historic Noho, you can visit the law offices of Calvin Coolidge, who was mayor here before he became president; the home of Sylvester Graham, the dietary reformer who gave his name to the Graham cracker; the site where 18th-century preacher Jonathan Edwards stirred his congregations; and the Academy of Music, on whose stage the Barrymores acted, Anna Pavlova danced, John Philip Sousa conducted and Harry Houdini escaped.

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